ECS (Early Childhood Services) / Kindergarten

Our school offers a 475 hour early childhood program. There are two ECS classes and our ECS program is a full day program with Class A operating on Mondays and Thursdays and Class B operating on Tuesdays and Fridays.  To meet our required hours, the two classes will also be in operation on somewhat alternating Wednesdays throughout the course of the year.

The goal of the ECS program is to help students develop in all areas:

               a) spiritually                b) physically             c) creatively

               d) socially                   e) emotionally           f) academically

This is achieved primarily through play (structured and unstructured) activities which integrate learning in all these areas around a monthly theme and skill development emphasis.

To help facilitate this program, the ECS teacher has an educational assistant as well as a daily parent helper who comes in for part of the day.

During the first week of school, students have a small group orientation session with their parent(s) to meet the teacher and find out what kindergarten is all about. In order to help students adapt slowly to school, ECS has a different recess time than the main school body.

Parents learn of their child(ren)'s progress through oral interviews in November and March.  A full report card is given in June.

Age Requirement:  To be admitted to Kindergarten, students are expected to have reached age 5 by December 31 of their Kindergarten year.


Devotions - take place each morning and the children share a devotional time that includes activities such as Bible reading, prayer, or singing in their classroom.

Chapels/Assemblies  - are a regularly scheduled part of FSCS.  They are designed to be inspirational, devotional, and educational.  Students are to act in a dignified, respectable, and appreciative manner.

Bible - is taught as a subject at FSCS, as well as biblical principles being integrated throughout our curriculum.  Students memorize scripture verses on a regular basis and are requested to have a New International Version Bible.

Music - is an important aspect of life in a Christian school.  Music is a tool with which we can worship our Creator.  Besides the usual singing and music through our chapel and devotional times, students in elementary receive two formal music classes each week.


Report Cards - are issued 3 times per year. 

Interviews - take place twice a year in November and March. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers to discuss their child's performance throughout the year.

Provincial Achievement Tests - are written each year in May and June by our Grade 6 and 9 students in Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies.

Field Trips

The rules of the school regarding conduct and dress are applicable to field trips to maintain a high standard of conduct and protect the reputation of the school.  Advance notice will be sent home and permission slips must be signed and returned to the teacher.  There may be a small charge for transportation or admission to the field trip event.  Each class in grades 1-9 may have up to 3 field trips.


Grade 7 Options

Communication Technology 7

Students will be introduced to media production through instruction on using various cameras (still and video), media software, and project creation.  Students are required to have a USB drive and headphones (Recommended 8 GB). 

Construction Technology 7

This course is an introduction to basic tool use and shop safety.  A variety of small woodworking projects, including CO2 cars, will expose the student to many different hand and power tools and teach them how to use them in a productive and safe manner.  We will also be looking to serve our local school community in a practical/hands on manner.

Drama 7

In Drama students will be introduced into theatrical arts through the assumption of roles and by the acquisition of dramatic skills. The program will focus on student creativity and participation in taking on roles in front of their peers through improvisation. It is the goal of this course to allow students to grow in self-confidence in a variety of situations and roles.

Food and Fashion Studies 7

The sewing module covers sewing machine and iron safety, the main parts of the sewing machine, correct threading and basic sewing techniques, types of fabric (knit, woven, & non-woven), and fabric care labels.  Projects include two hand-sewing projects (sewing on buttons and a small stuffed animal), as well as an apron sewn on the machine.  The foods module covers safety, sanitation, accurate measurement, cooking terms and equipment, correct mixing procedures.  In the foods lab we prepare simple flour mixtures such as muffins, biscuits, pancakes, etc.


Grade 8/9 Options


In Art, students will have the opportunity to explore art materials and processes.  Both realistic and abstract art will be explored through mediums such as pastels, paint and clay sculpture. Through these explorations, students will develop proper drawing, painting and sculpting technique. Along with creating artwork, students will learn the basic vocabulary of art and will study art from many different cultures.

Audio/Video Production

Students will learn how to design, storyboard, create, tape, and edit video announcements for weekly display in school and on our YouTube channel.  Students must have FOIP form signed by guardians to ensure they can be filmed and displayed on our YouTube channel.  Students are required to have a USB drive and headphones (Recommended 8 GB)

Communication Technology

Modular based course where students will have the ability to work with various forms of media including video production, photography, yearbook creation and other school media needs.  Students are required to have a USB drive and headphones (Recommended 8 GB). 

Construction Technology

Students will further their wood working skills through the design and construction of handcrafted wood projects. The students will be exposed to a range of tools, including air nailers, sanders, and a variety of different saws.  Safety will be paramount, while confidence will be instilled to use power tools in a competent and productive manner.

We will also be integrating our shop experience with community service.  We will be involved in projects outside of the school that will be an opportunity to impact our community for Christ.

Food and Fashion

Foods review and continuing practices learned in grade 7 Food and Fashion Studies.  Meal planning, selection, storage and preparation of food from each group in Canada's Food Guide will be covered, as well as the role of nutrients found in CFG food groups.  In class labs may include cookies, fruits/vegetables, rice, pasta, eggs/milk/cheese, meatballs, and chicken.  In Sewing we will continue to develop our machine sewing skills.  Students have a choice of many different sewing projects. 

Recreational Fitness

This course is designed for students who are looking at training and/or competing in a variety of sports outside of their normal Physical Education classes. Higher intensity and commitment skills are required for this particular class. Students will get the opportunity to participate in the following activities: curling, rollerblading, squash, cross-country skiing, skating, scuba diving, rock climbing, mountain biking, higher level fitness training/weight training.Students will also have the opportunity to train for a mini-triathlon, which will include swimming, biking and running.

Learning Math Strategies

This course complements the grade 8 and 9 math courses and is designed to help build students’ confidence in a variety of math areas. Students are offered the opportunity for extra support and

allows for more one-on-one interaction. The teacher to student ratio is fairly low.

Outdoor Education

This Outdoor Education course will focus on developing skills and attitudes necessary for safe and enjoyable outdoor experiences in all seasons.  Seasonally appropriate activities, such as geo caching, orienteering, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and canoeing may occur.  Archery will also be a component of this course, with the option for students to obtain their Alberta hunting license for $95.00.  An overnight camping trip will also be offered to select students at an additional cost.

Sports Acceleration

This course is designed to promote lifelong personal fitness with a variety of physical activities, games, sports, and overall performance knowledge. Emphasis will be placed on helping students become exposed to lifelong activities and various fitness principles. This will be mainly an activities based course.

Some of the possible activities will include: Team Sports, Running, Swimming, Weight Training, Golf, Curling, Mountain Biking, Tennis, Squash, Skating.



FSL (French as a Second Language)

An introduction and orientation to the French language occurs in grade 4.  Students will also be offered French as a regular subject in grades 5 and 6. 

Physical Education

Intramurals - Intramurals are scheduled throughout the year.  The event will dictate the grades that will participate.  In general, the intramural program is geared for upper elementary and junior high students. 


All students in grades 2 and 4 take swimming lessons each year at Harbour Pool.  There will be a cost to the parents for the lessons.


1.    Celebration of Learning (ECS-grade 6)

In keeping with our school vision and mission statements, and with Elk Island Public Schools' assessment policies and practices, Fort Saskatchewan Christian School will host a "Celebration of Learning" in each of the homeroom classrooms at the end of each school year.  The purpose of the celebration will be to highlight and honor positive contributions students have made to the school, their peers, and to their own sense of character and well being.


2.    Grades 7-8-9 

A.  Honours will be based on three criteria:

  • 1. Four core subjects final marks average of 80% or greater.
  • 2. CSL (Christian Studies and Living) mark is Satisfactory or greater.
  • 3. Each complementary final mark is Satisfactory or greater.

B.  Excellence in Bible

Awarded to students who have achieved a standard of excellence in Bible during all three terms.  This includes completing all Bible memory work, and assignments, and meeting specific criteria on formal assessments.

C.  Ambassador Award

Awarded to the student who most demonstrates a Christ-like attitude throughout the year.  This award is given in grade 7, 8 & 9, and is voted on by the students.


3.   Character Traits

These awards are presented to the students by their homeroom teachers.  These awards display a significant character trait displayed by the student throughout the year.