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Day 5

We did not do much today. Thank goodness. We got to sleep in which is actually the best thing. I literally still woke up late. I got to actually conduct myself a little and get ready for church in my Sunday best. Which also happens to be pretty bad. Regardless of fashion choices, the service itself was incredible. I kinda fell asleep though not going to fib.I could not find the bathroom at all. And a group of us really had to tinkle( we did make it though.) After that, we went to Granville island, and we waited for food for like 30 minutes. And it wasn’t even worth it.I left my food on a table for all of 8 seconds and birds came to eat them. I kinda wanted to eat them. So it kinda was unfair. I did get to drink my sprite though. Then we spent our remaining time at a multilevel toy store. I spent more money than I should have at the age of 14. Also our bus driver Gavin, has been so incredible this entire trip. He is apart of the duck family( for clarification we are all Mr.Johnson’s ducklings. He is father duckling. So I guess that makes Gavin, brother duck.) Anyway, I am currently seeing a rat. Never mind turns out it was a duck. I think it’s a sign. We will see. I bought cool earrings and the lady’s who were working there were super cool. I liked them more than the birds. A lot more. We have gone to Starbucks way more than I think we should be. There are cooks here who work so hard to make good food for us,and we are all serving on Welches gummies when we are out and about. Back to brother Duck Gavin, who has participates just as much as we have in most of our activities, He can also play guitar, but he cannot backflip. He makes good jokes. Some of the girls, bought Gavin McDonald’s as a thank you. I think he liked he liked it cause he ate it. When we got back to camp today, we had a camp ride and I parted my friend hair with tweezers. Her hair looks good. Johnathan is our worship guy for when we are here at Camp Luther. He is very talented. We have to scream the word God when we sing a sing, and we summoned a large bird. I think he liked it. I did. He is singing duckling. Some of us are NOT singing ducklings. We are sitting and speaking with Grammy duckling. She is Mr.Johnson’s mother. She’s nice. Rayna is checking out the adults cabin with permission. We also played a game today within Cabin 3. Cabin 3 contains my friends and I. We played Werewolf’s which is very similar to the game Mafia. Grammy said she was not the killer. She was in fact the killer.  We are going to the beach tomorrow and will be out all day. I am not CPR trained so my sister and brother ducklings cannot swim despite being considered ducklings. We have spent almost all of our bus time sleeping,and it’s been very special to have this time with this duckling family. I understand that is just a bus ride but I have honestly really enjoyed this. Have there been some bad moments, of course. But the good times have been so much more in number. I get to see all my friends smiling, and laughing and just being. Just being. And I am constantly reminded of how special they are. They radiate good energy and I hope I can take on that energy and share it with those we get to help. - Mihret

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