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Day 6

Today was warmer than a normal Alberta spring day and once I got out of bed, it was 10 minutes till we had to get on the bus and go. I hurried to fast that I forgot my lunch and didn’t eat breakfast. We got to the gleaners after about 45 minutes of bus ride. Once we got there we got a small Tour and overview of way was up. After the lady stoped talking we went into what  I call the cutting room.  Once we got into the cutting room our eyes started watering/hurting because of the onions and someone got the worst of it when there mascara started dripping. We chopped onions and I got partnered with a lovely Lady named Cori (I don’t remember how to spell it correctly). And I was standing for a little bit so once the man behind me stood up from his stool I sneakily grasped it and he was so confused once he came back. Thankfully he was kind and took the joke as a joke and laughed as he gave me a pat on my shoulder. He got me back by hiding it when I had To go do something. After that we went to white rock beach and collected shells and rocks. But me being me I wanted to go souvenir shopping. So after continuously nagging at mr.Johnson we went in groups and went SHOPPING. I got a tee shirt of white rock and got myself one ice cream in one cup and another ice cream in a different cup,I couldn’t even start the second one so I gave it to my friend. We hiked up a mountain for hours to get to the bus (we walked up a small hill for two minutes). Then once we got to S.U.M.S we once again split into groups to got to different places. My group went to a place called the olive branch and we played games and watched the greatest showman it was fun and over too soon. - Aubrey the FANTASTIC

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