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Day 8

Hello Readers!


Yesterday was a bittersweet day for me. It was a reminder that I had to make the most of the day as it was my last day in Missions, Vancouver with my classmates. I woke up with an engaged and excited mind, only for it to have dissipated soon after remembering I had to go to gleaners. Or more known as, the union factory, one of the most unlikable places you  (I think a person) can experience. Two and a half hours of painful itchy eyes, and constantly being reminded that you can’t rub your eyes!? (Can it get much worse!) Thankfully, it wasn’t as bad though because swim goggles were bought for some kids, and I was able to better connect with my friends as well as some of the workers there, and a man I talked to had been working there every Monday for seven years. (wow!) After a less difficult but still stressful couple hours, we were finally able to leave gleaners, and I got a little something to remind myself that cutting unions was worth it to help feed children, and receiving a T-shirt! After around half past twelve we left to drive to a nice shopping area, although I didn’t shop because l don’t really like shopping and prefered to lounge around in a nice park and chill with a friend. Bowling was next but l wasn’t feeling up to it and didn’t play much. I did however get a strike and bought myself a slurpees as many other people did, but the one I got  was cherry flavoured. By the time we left the bowling alley (which was always quite empty,) it was quater to six and I was really hungry. But not for BP’s, but for white spot, but they turned us down. I like noodles, so that’s what I ordered. I really enjoyed my friends horrified faces, and silent screams as I squirted ketchup all over my Alfredo noodles and mixed it until the colour turned around a light pink. I wasn’t looking forward to packing almost everything all at once, and doing so much cleaning of my cabin, and finding out the losers of the cleaning challenge would have to clean a whole FREAKEN bus?! “What the FREAK!” as my friend Mihret would have put it. And if things didn’t feel stressful enough Mr. Johnson said we had to attend a bible study meeting. Say, WHAT? I mean it was important to do but for an hour?! Really?!? Anyways, long story short we were able to pack all our stuff, we didn’t have to clean the bus, and somehow I didn’t DIE due to the stress my cabin mates were bringing to the place , especially since the messiest ones were the bossiest ones. It was basically an OCD land in my cabin. And we were acting like wild monkeys every time Father duckling (Mr. J’s) footsteps were heard near my cabin. We kept watch at the door, screamed at our friends, and I foolishly decided to freak out when I heard Mr. J at the door and sent myself flying into a wall. Sleep was mostly alright, but if I’ve learned anything important from yesterday it’s that you never should count on your friends not to stress you out, when the stress wasn’t needed to begin with, also sunglasses are illegal in Surrey apparently.

Sincerely, Grade 9 student with severe anxiety ;) - Sarah-Marie

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