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Day 1

So, my morning started at like 4:00 today. I assumed that would mean I would have enough time to get to the airport but because I’m me, I was still late.

Security and stuff was actually pretty easy, I thought it would take a lot longer but it was short and sweet.

The plane ride has probably been my favourite part of my day, but that’s because I love when I start going up in the air. Makes me feel like I’m riding a dragon or something.

We got to Vancouver and we got on the bus. It wasn’t a long ride but it felt long. When I looked around at everyone on the bus it reminded me of all the field trips we use to go on. I can’t say I’ve always gotten along with everyone in my grade but I’ve been with these kids since kindergarten. It’s weird but they feel like my family in a twisted way. Walking into school everyday with the same kids for most of my life is probably what I’m going to miss when I go to sca. I dunno if that makes any sense but moving on to Camping! I didn’t expect to be like a summer camp but the cabins and field reminded me of camp nakunm ( nakuam? namkum? Whatever ). We’re all settled in now so I’m just getting ready for tomorrow, I’m pretty excited :]


Love, a really bad writer (Charlie)

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