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Day 1

Today started with a very early morning, we all gathered at the airport around 5:00 am. We got through security with a couple bag checks. Past security we had around 15 minutes to do what we want; some of us got Booster Juice, Starbucks, or Tim Hortons. We boarded the plane with no issues. After a 30 minute delay on the tarmac, we finally got up in the air for around 1 hour and 25 minutes. When the plane landed we got our bags and had to wait for the bus, took about an hour. After a 1 hour and a half on the bus we arrived safely to camp Luther. The drive was beautiful. The grass is green and the sun is shining!We all got settled in after a quick tour of the place. When we got all settled in, a man named Steve came to talk to us and talked about Jesus and how He works in our lives. We talked about hearing the voice of God and listening for it. Once he left we had a 1 hour break until supper, most of us played volleyball on the volleyball net in the yard. After supper we played 2 games of capture the flag. Soon we will be headed out for a camp fire and worship. Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring! Excellent time together so far!     Alanna

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