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Day 2

Today was another early morning. We got up at 5 and started to get ready for our day. We had breakfast at 6 and started to get on the bus at 6:30. The bus ride there was oddly quite for our class. When we got SUM around 8. We got a introduction to the place and they showed us around the place. They told us what they do and how they run things. After we all got sorted there was 6 of us that went over to nightshift. It was me, Rayna, Aubrey, Grace, Seth, and Adam( with parent supervision of course). While we where there we first cleaned the outside windows. When cleaning the windows there where some homeless people around the building that was clearly not doing well. Near the end of cleaning we saw one girl inject her arm with something. We didn’t stick around outside long after that happened. When we went inside they gave us nightshift beanies. When inside we sorted some of the stuff that people had donated. We completed that job quickly and moved on to a different job. This job was personal my favourite. We all got into an assembly line and passed down bags full of donated clothes into a truck. After we finished this we where all pretty tired so we sat down and chilled for a moment. Another girl named Hannah gave us some locally made chips. They told us that they had no more jobs for us so we headed back to the to “home base”. When inside we went to see If there where more jobs for us. They said that there wasn’t, so Mr. Johnson called Gavin (our great bus driver) to come back so we could chill in the bus. Gavin got to us and my group for the day all got on except for Seth. When on the bus we had our lunch and talk which was a great time that we spent bonding. Not long after everyone was on the bus and we where heading over to get a snack. It was about 10 minutes (it was raining off and on all day so it was raining during this). Gavin then drove us to a hike to see a suspension bridge. This was yet another great bonding moment. After this we drove about 2 hours to our next stop which was supper. We all just went off and got our own supper. It was also raining throughout pretty much all of this. Then we came back to the camp and had a little devotional time. That was my day.- Hannah

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