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Day 3

Today was another early morning. My cabin woke up at 5:15 am to get ready and our whole group left camp around 6:30. We arrived at SUMs just before 8, just in time to do an 8-1 shift. My group stayed at the main building and helped prepare, serve, and clean in a community dining place. We served breakfast from 8-9:30 am and painted pictures to hang around the dining area before we served lunch at 12-1:30. While working our shift we met a lot of new people and heard many stories from the guests we served, it was an amazing experience and we all realised how fortunate and blessed we are. After our shift was over, we took a bus to the Steveson Outdoor Museum. There we got to learn a little bit about the history of many Japanese people who moved to Canada to create a better life. Personally, I heard a story about a young women who moved to Canada after being shamed out of Japan because she couldn’t bare a son. It was an interesting experience and a great opportunity to learn about the history of Vancouver. We then went on a small bus ride to a harbour with many little shops and lots of people. My small group went to a souvenir shop and we all bought matching Vancouver sweaters and Starbucks, we were looking extra touristy. We got to walk around the streets for a few blocks and the downtown was beautiful and full of people of all ages. After about an hour we got back on the bus and are currently driving to get pizza. Once we get pizza we will be going back to camp and packing up for the night. For my personal experience, I thought today was a great day and I had a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the rest of my trip and I’m very grateful for my experience! - Nora

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