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Day 4

Todays morning was not as early as the past few mornings. My cabin didn’t get up until 7:15am to get ready for the day. We got a hot breakfast around 8:00am which was scrambled eggs, hash browns and fruit, it was delicious. After breakfast we got to hang out around the camp, the gym and in our cabins. Around 1:30pm we started to lead the bus and we headed to the Abbotsford Rec-Center to go swimming and hang out away from the camp. After swimming for a few hours we all got back onto the bus and headed to a parking lot which had a Tim Hortons a Dairy Queen and a McDonald’s, which some of us could get a snack at. After getting a snack we then headed to Surrey Urban Mission where they fed us dinner. We then split up into our 4 different groups and headed off to Nightshift, The Cove, Olive Branch or SUMs. I was in the group that went to the olive branch. At the olive branch we got to meet new people and play games with them. My favourite part was playing Monopoly deal with Anthony, a guy that we met and that lives at the olive branch. Around 8:30pm we loaded the bus and went to pick up the rest of the groups and we all headed back to camp where we settled in for the night. I am so excited to see what the rest of the trip will bring and I’m super grateful for the experience of this trip. - Harlyn

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