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Day 4

Today we got more sleep than usual, after breakfast I even took another nap. After lunch we went swimming at a Rec center but me and my friends stayed in the gym that was there and played basketball and volleyball. After that we stopped at Tim Hortons, I got a cream cheese bagel and icecap. Next we went to Sums around 5:00. The bus rides are long but still fun when you’re with your with friends, we play loud music and sing along. Me and my group ( Alanna, Nora, me, Melayna, Harley, and Christian) went to Nightshift since it was our turn to help there, we helped Nancy and Jerry make sandwiches and prepare desserts. We brought them on tables they set up outside. There was people around the corners waiting for food. Jerry asked for someone to help him with giving out pizza in his truck. Nobody volunteered so I did. I went in his truck and people started coming pretty quickly. I opened boxes and placed 2-3 slices on each plate. I dropped a slice on the floor and Jerry told me to through it behind the truck where the rats live. Soon enough 2 rats started fight for the slice. More people started coming, Jerry said he was a retired cop for 30 years. He worked in Vancouver and said it’s the worst city in Canada with drugs and all types of crimes. He said he was always a good cop and never tried to hurt anyone, he said this like 3 times. I asked him if he has any kids, he said 3 sons and he’s still trying to keep them off the streets. He asked me what I want to be when I’m older and to stay away from drugs and stuff like that. He also told me he saw God once at the hospital when he was suffering from a surgery, he said he thought he wasn’t gonna make it but God appeared behind him and put a hand on his shoulder and told him everything was gonna be ok. He says nobody believed him but think I did. He says he’s trying to be a Christian and wants to be one but can’t quite get there. I asked him why he started doing this, he said he’s put so many people in jail and seen so many people suffer, and now that he’s retired he wants to help them.

We went back in the bus to go back to camp. So far today was my favourite. - Maeva

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