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Day 7

Today we or I woke up at 6:30 and ate breakfast. We left at 8:00 on the bus. We first went to Gleaners to chop onions and sort soup. Mr. Johnson being the father duckling he is got me, Christian, Maeva, and Harley goggles for the onions. Later on after we did lots of hard work we got to go shopping. We divided into small groups and got to go alone with no adults. My group stopped at lots of cute little store and bought lots of goodies like a cute candy store that like all the kids went too. After a little shopping we headed to Galaxy bowling  and had a great time with our peers. Mr Johnson is actually very goood at bowling. Gavin (bus driver) drove us to Boston Pizza for dinner and we all spent good bonding time and filled our tum tums. The bus ride home was very chill and nice. Today was a relief that I get to go home but also sad that the  experience in coming to a end and I know lots of people in my cabin and maybe even outside felt the same. The day overall was a good last day spend.

- Rachael

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