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Day 6

Today when we woke up, I was immediately ready to call it a day and go back to bed. Last night was kind of late so getting up was NOT going to be fun. I wasn’t surprised however when we had to trudge down to breakfast and be productive. Ugh. After the bus ride, though, the day started to seem less annoying and more fun. We went to Gleaners and prepped onions for a few hours until noon, which was oddly satisfying. We peeled them and cut the tops off, which doesn’t sound super appealing but it was actually pretty fun to know we were helping. Some people took the onion gas harder then others, but mostly our eyes stopped stinging in ten minutes or so.

            After lunch we went to the beach. We found lots of shells and went shopping and sunbathed and other touristy stuff. We ate at McDonald’s (except for some of us, who went to subway or a taco place instead) and drove to Surrey. Lots of driving, but Gavin finally let us do the Magic School Bus thing! Then we volunteered at nightshift and SUMS and stuff. Lots of bus rides, overall. Personally I can’t wait to go to bed.


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